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Roi Real Estate develops real estate solutions for people, businesses, institutions and investors by supporting their activity and improving the profitability of projects.


Our goal is not to be the biggest, but rather the best – according to our clients’ opinion

As the pioneers in optimising processes for real estate projects worldwide, we offer innovative and personalised solutions which place us at the turning point when adding value to our customers.

Our knowledge, attitude and aptitude, as well as our resources and understanding of the real estate industry helps us to drive our clients’ ideas forward and transform them into actionable roadmaps to bring maximum benefits. In other words, improved working processes, diversification of resources, sales growth and higher return on investment.

We believe in what we do and the results we achieve position us as an example to follow in the current panorama of the real estate industry.

Professional and personal ethics are at the core of our company’s identity, leaving ourunique footprint in all projects we undertake.


A culture based on collaboration and exchange of information.


Two-way communication and active listening is a fundamental principle for the success of anyproject.

Reason why

We develop real estates solutions

The analytical approach of our business is our most competitive advantage which we provide in every single project we carry out.
We offer a strategic, highly objective and independent service, personalized to fit the needs of each business.

Companies think of us as a work tool for each different lifecycle of their real estate project, Why?

Our ability to alternate the services and structures which integrate the strategic, financial, technical and transactional competencies of our professionals allow us to offer innovative solutions adapted to the needs of each client, carrying out different consolidated and tested methodologies for every milestone.

We optimize your project’s profitability to ensure its success.


Complete and personal assessment based on your needs

From day to day, experience and common sense shows us that working thoroughly to analyse the different variables and case studies of a project is the key to success when developing a strategy which provides great results the whole way through the real estate product’s lifecycle.

These days, 4 out of every 5 real estate investment funds and 3 out of 5 in family office believe in it is essential to audit the viability of the real estate project prior to the investment.

Real Estate Lyfe Cycle

Are you looking for a new profesional challenge? Are you thinking of buying land?

Do you know the type of real estate project you’d like to carry out, with regard to the demand of that particular location?

Do you want to find out which housing type is being demanded by people who are seeking a new property in the area?

Do you need to have clear insight on the strengths of your product versus your competitors?

Do you know why interested leads eventually decide not to go ahead and buy your products?

Do you know your clients’ exact buying motivations? What about those of your non-clients?

Do you know why your customer has bought your product?

Do you plan to start a second or third phase in the same area?


Les terrasses de Palamós
Platja d’Aro
Golden Bay
Centre de la Vila 8 | 22
Marquès de Sentmenat 76
Els Jardins de Can Mercader
El Turó de La Cisa
La Marina Living


Want to know more about us?

Spend 20 minutes getting to know us and start making capitalising on your real estate project.

Roi Real Estate develops real estate solutions for people, businesses, institutions and investors by supporting their activity and improving the profitability of projects.

Our business model attitude enables us to treat each project as unique and strategic because the real estate decisions are for our clients.

We believe that working in an honest and sustainable way, with a global reach but with local knowledge, whilst being committed to operating via the objectives and goals of each project, providing a new focus in the market, as well as maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients is what sets us apart – and the reason why they know us.

Avenida Diagonal 468 6A
08029 Barcelona

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